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How to meet with a girl, that girl, that really is the girl of your dreams? I think in every man's life was a moment when he meets a woman that fits his ideas about women's ideal at 100%.

And the most exciting part, we look at her gaze, turn around in the trail, thinking to himself, "I want her to be mine," and that's all finished. This ideal of grace and perfection out of their graceful gait in the world of our fond memories of the day.

Now I can seduce almost any girl of his dreams, but it was not always. Six months ago, I believed that the world is a solid injustice and beautiful girl is not my level. I thought that if I do not have a posh car and floor pieces bucks in your pocket, then it makes no sense to approach these perfect creatures.

If you think that I'm bummed money and bought a car, it does not, I'm just a simple student third year of the Moscow Humanitarian University as was the only difference is that women fall in love with me as if I an ideal of masculine beauty, although handsome me no one had ever thought.

So what's my secret? I began to study and practice in dealing with women invisible linguistic programming, in other words "Hidden Hypnosis and the laws of psychology." The simplest example that can lead to - when you are dealing with a pretty girl accidentally rewound talk about her ex-boyfriend, about how they met, what feelings she experienced at the time, what she liked, etc. When you meet with her the next time she will subconsciously feel a connection between her ex-boyfriend and you and automatically transfer the romantic feeling of the period on your date with her.

But this is only the flowers, what I learned even me sending a shock of my power.

I can tell you is that invisible subliminal impact women can work wonders, you quietly to herself, a woman begin to manage, build perception of the world through the prism of his female influence. Know how to speak with the cowboys of the Wild West "First there were strong and weak men, but came revolver" Colt "and all made the call."

And so it goes with women, you do not need to be handsome or rich much to discover and fall in love with the woman of his dreams. All you need is to know the laws of the psychological impact on the subconscious, to whom he can not stand any, even the most beautiful girl.


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