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As the ancient Eastern wisdom, if a man does not think about the woman, he is not a man. And, as every soldier dreams of becoming a general, so every man dreams of becoming a Don Juan, and the ideal lover. But as they become aware not all men.

We offer you here is what you can click and make yourself a story that will most suit your appearance and character. Learn all the details and rehearse. Your identity should not come into conflict with the selected role. And most importantly - role should you like. You can choose yourself something of options discussed below, or come up with your story.

Option 1. The role of the stranger.

What would adhere to this role, you must be able not only to suddenly disappear, but keep your distance when meeting with a woman. Nothing specifically about myself not to tell, but make it clear that you are very sexy, mysterious, that the woman wanted to unravel you. Well, just like Mickey Rourke in "9/2 weeks." Send out signals to women about their exclusivity.

Select and examine the type of women who like these mysterious men and therefore more prone to fall in love with you. Why do women peck on mysterious strangers? Yes, because in an attempt to bind the person whose communication is hard to gain, there is also an element of pure call. They think, "If I can get it - it means that I am irresistible". Also, most women believed these men ideal lovers.

Option 2. The role of the intellectual.

Not on "(role) You can have a claim, only with a good knowledge. Intellectuals like artistic, impulsive, romantic women, in one word, so that they can seamlessly complement. It represents that part of them which they do not have: a neat, aged, with an analytical mind. But you should never let a woman in my life really.

You must also be a good communicator. Choose emotional women who have a need for intelligent man. In a man who can provide answers to all the questions on which it can rely. In a man to complement her own too emotional "I".

Most of us are drawn to the opposite. Impulsive women often leads to balanced men. Subconsciously they represent for their safety. Give support a woman feel in your relationship.

Option 3. The role of the ruler.

Power, is known to possess magical powers. Many women are attracted to men of power, may themselves have enough power character. Very often they would submit only this type of men willingly give them the reins. This type is well described in the women's novels. Obviously, it is attractive to most women. Therefore, if you want to master this role, read a couple.

Women not only will obey you, but fall in love. In order to achieve this, you need to build a very thorough strategic behavior. Male rulers women find not only a good quarterback, but also a great lover.

Option 4. Role of the ideal lover.

You must have excellent intuition and imagination, be impulsive and seductive in bed. Able to deliver a woman of indescribable satisfaction and reduce e "crazy in terms of sex. In short, to be a lover of whom dream of many single women.

You need to focus on women who need love and want to be welcome. It is usually women who do not have special beauty, invested all his energy and mind into a career. A woman like you can get to feel sexy and confident in their femininity. She is naturally like that. Everything you need - insecure thirsting love woman in search of her dream of the perfect lover.

Option 5. The role of celebrity.

If talent and money allows - choose this role. You will always be the center of attention of many women. For the opportunity to be with you will even fight. Life seems celebrity woman rich and delicious compared to its lackluster existence. She wants to be "in the glow" of his glory. Celebrity attracted a lot of attention because of the needs of women in the symbols that should look like a real beauty, wealth and talent. For these women, and created celebrities. Not what woman could resist such a man. Therefore, singers, musicians and so many fans and groupies.

In summary, I want to say: Men, primarily be individuals. Indeed, the role sooner or later get tired of playing, and it is suitable mainly for seduction and short relationships. If you want long-term relationships - be yourself. Remember, women love bold and capable of defending their men.


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