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Ability to learn, to attract attention - a difficult art. Many people buy special books, go to the psychological training to learn how to "present themselves." More often it is done by women. But men want to learn another art from this region - seduction. Most lack the "gift of seduction" young people complain that, in principle, do not yet have sufficient skills any communication - not only intimate. Another dream of becoming insidious seducing ... male collectors. They carefully note how many they managed to give "conquer" - or rather just lay in bed. So they raise their self-esteem - they say, that I'm some hero-lover! And in fact, it is likely that none of the ladies conquered not experienced any pleasure in his bed. So the ability to persuade the proximity - not all.

In any case, the art of seduction is based on deception. The lady said that a man fascinated by it (at least, so says the vast majority of standard seducing), but in fact he wants to practice in communicating to the community to strengthen its reputation as Don Juan or recharge personal collection. Even the word "seduction" is derived from the word "flattery", in other words - a hoax. And when this man should remember: if the lady saw through this deception - you risk a potential lover instead worst enemy.

Generally, men are not interested in the question "why and how to seduce it will be useful," but only "how to do"? And seek the advice of a recognized society "seducers". You should know that these deceivers are divided mainly into two groups. First - those who really are not so much achieved, and all the stories about the number of subjugated women - mostly bluster. And nothing really valuable, they will not advise you, except one: that lie as well, and you will also be considered a recognized deceiver ... but this advice does not add to your ability to attract attention and get acquainted.

The second type - "mama synochky". Such "beat on the areas", seducing the largest possible number of women at once, saying that one arrow misses, but the set of arrows issued at least one is likely to fall somewhere. In addition, they naturally gallant with all women at once: so they brought my mother. Another thing is that women are not spoiled by the attention, accept their behavior almost as a declaration of love, and hang them on the neck whole bunches. Such men, by the way, none of the ladies especially not cheat - but in fact also do not own the science of seduction. They can not inspire all women: there is even a special type of women (usually bred strong and domineering father) who categorically do not accept such "sweet muzhchinok." And when that wants to seduce any particular woman - it often does not work. So he, too little help in science interests estate properties.

But then how do you do if you still need to get someone's attention? Generally the basis of any acquaintance - an individual approach. And the standard "gentleman's set" - flowers, restaurants and compliments - works not always. If you want to conquer a woman (or just beginning to engage with her acquaintance, and then to attract attention), you need to understand what it represents that which you like. Women are not all the same! And not so much different their faces as characters. And depending on the personality of a particular lady she therefore different needs and requirements, including intimate. Therefore, we recommend at least take the time to go on the attack, and some time to watch the chosen one. Then you will be able to accurately determine the approach required for success.

Options, as always, set. Let's look at three types of women (for example, the usual everyday situations) - and define the means which will cater to these ladies. And to do so or not - you decide, depending on how you want the intended result.

1. Demonstrative woman.

It is usually very keen to attract attention, to stand out from the crowd. In the process of such a lady seduction main rule - that the actions of the seducer were out of the ordinary and that others noticed and appreciated. (Classic example - a song about the "million scarlet roses"). Then this woman can literally jump into your arms.

Young ... very attractive lady worked in the same firm. And its main task was to turn the head of the counterparty (usually male). Then the company has entered into a contract for more favorable terms. And thus man's lust to address this lady was a part of her everyday work and in itself it is not attracted. Although many of these men tried to seduce her, and quite frankly. But one of them went, as they say, the other way. Of course, he could just offer her money, and maybe she would have slept with him - of course, without any pleasure. But for him it was important that she wanted him. Here's what he came up with. We ladies had a birthday and the staff gathered the whole team for tea. Suddenly came to this young man. And celebrating the welcoming company, said his passion: "I congratulate you on your birthday and please accept from me a small gift. Hopefully, it will help your future prosperity." Then he handed the birthday girl ... car keys. And goodbye. "Wait - the birthday girl said stunned - sit with us, because I must thank you for the gift?" "You do not owe me, I did not do it for votes." And he left. Of course, the woman was waiting for a donor soon appear and yet make her "pay" (to refuse the gift was nevertheless over its forces - what a passage for the other employees, all just die of envy, to the same machine it was really very btw). But generous gentleman did not appear for ten days. During this time, she concluded that, well, he was "really impressed me, it is not for the sake of their instincts ...

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