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It is no secret that after the next leg and breast of the female body, which men pay attention to is the eyes. From sight can enchant and bewitch a man. But you have to know a few tricks.
Glance, it may be fleeting, just look at your chosen victim a few seconds and look away. Resort to this expedient necessary several times a day.
If you decide to go on the attack and immediately win a man, just look closely at him, smiling slightly. During this time, you will find a change of emotion on the face of your chosen one. Confusion, surprise, confusion ... Only if he does not want to play along with you - do not be offended.

Bright eyes - an integral part of the seduction. There are eye drops called Diabenil. As a specialist in the field of ophthalmology, I can advise you to bury their two drops in each eye before any important meeting. Eyes become shiny disappear redness and irritation. By its action, these drops are close to such drugs as suprastin, tavegil, diazolin, used domestically. But in any case, do not drink them before the meeting - will become more lethargic. But the drops can be instilled, they only act locally on the eye.

Expressive eyes can give them with makeup. Here, too, need to know a few rules imposing makeup.

1. Selecting the shadows. Cool color should always be tinted warm. Blue, light green or gray eyes are well in tune with the warm tones of beige and golden shadows. Brown eyes effectively shaded purple, bluish shadows. Saturated green eyes match the color of peach or apricot. And more. Do not paint the eyelids bright shades, if you have light eyes. With such a contrast eyes just discolored. Never use shadow eye color.

2. Defined eyebrows. Strong plucked eyebrows long out of fashion. But to correct the shape of eyebrows sometimes necessary. Should look to buy a little surprised tone. Remove only those hairs that grow randomly, tweak the bottom edge, pull out the hair between the eyebrows.

3. Lush lashes. To achieve this, you should apply mascara separately on each hair, unless of course work. Eyelashes should be evenly colored, mascara should not leak and cause eye irritation.

It is well known - a man loves his eyes.

This is how I think the most powerful weapon women. And she successfully uses it from time immemorial. If a man did not like his eyes, then maybe there would not be such inventions fashion mini - skirt or a bikini.
Of course, all you need to do within reason. If you have curves or very thick legs, mini does not fit you, a man is only alienate. Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize the beauty of your own body. Beautiful hair, eyes, face - it's excellent. But it is better to show something that shows not every woman, shoulders, chest, legs, stomach. It will highlight you from the crowd.

Every woman should know their great external advantages and disadvantages. In a conversation with a guy you want to seduce a need to emphasize their strengths and hide flaws. Think about it yourself. The options are many. I will consider only two of them. Do you have beautiful legs, but you is not beautiful in appearance. Or legs you say so :-) middle legs, but the beauty of the face.

The first option - wearing mini. Emphasize the beauty of the feet. During a conversation, you can put your foot on the leg. Man will look you in the face, but did not see it completely. Part of his gaze is distracted by your feet. You can sometimes hand stroking his knees to bring him this :-). What? Holding up? Of course, looks can be. A flame burns inside. It is a show. Required. In conversation, you can even let him look at your feet. It is simple. Looked down at his feet and hands to perform them. It is as if they have the right to look at them too. Let see - and he's probably unaware that his lure :-). They say a woman's face changes when you know her character (or, respectively durneet or prettier), but not only in nature. Face changes accordingly prettier when you find out that she had beautiful legs or shoulders, or abdomen.

The second option - no worse than the first. In the first you can not hide the lack of, in the second, you can even do it dignity. Pick clothes for themselves (maxi or pants) so that it hides your flaws. Well then fight!
Your face. I'm sorry guy :). With a face you can do more tricks than with his feet. Smiling, squinting, mouth ajar, parted in surprise eyes bulging resentment sponges, etc. All this is your secret arsenal. Sitting at the table say, hide your feet under the table and start shelling eyes. Just be careful - we need the client alive.

Now the main thing - what are your strengths and weaknesses. Best Assists - mirror. It is necessary that you are sitting or standing in front of a mirror found their best movement and facial expressions, improved gait, unsuccessful motion. First, it will be difficult - but then it will go. Find posture for sitting, standing, etc.
If you master this powerful weapon, the weakest spot in men (I mean eyes) will be yours!


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