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Is through his stomach? Well, yes and no. Men undemanding may be content and that.

But if your choice - a prince, to him we need a special approach, which we will talk today. And if he's so good that you have managed in love with him, why not treat him as his good attitude?

1) expresses sincere interest in everything that makes it a pleasure. This can be a sport that he enjoys, his favorite hobby or main job. Your interest must be sincere. Should not pretend if something annoys you

) Men like it when women close to him in a good mood. And if he says something funny, try to respond to this laugh or smile. He will be glad that you laugh. Just do not overdo it, do not giggle whenever he says - it could hurt him.

3) Tell him that you like about him. If he is - a good boss, tell him that. If he reads a lot and intellectually developed, praise him for the interesting story. A man needs to feel its uniqueness, individuality, so why sometimes not please him?

4) Appreciate those little things that he does for you. If he invited you to a cup of coffee in a cafe or you bought your favorite magazine, certainly thank him. If he will know that you made a pleasant, he wants to do it again and again.

5) Praise him for a job well done on the house. If he successfully hung pictures on the wall, tell me that he had a talent designer. If he fashioned something with their hands, tell him golden hands.

6) Praise him when he was nicely dressed. Tell me what he looks simply irresistible. You can find more convincing for it resemblance to the popular actor, previously identified who he likes.

7) Talk to the man that you like in your intimate relationships. Do not be afraid that you misunderstand it. In love, there can be nothing to be ashamed of. All conversations will remain between you.

8) Always ask the man of the Board, and share your thoughts too. Give it to convince you. For example, if you drive a car, always consult him as an expert on the subject. Helping you, man will feel responsible for you.

And try to use all of these tips not only to fall in love with his chosen. Our husbands, sometimes because the former suffer from a lack of attention on our part. Arrange your husband a little holiday and you are surprised to find that the honeymoon stretched for many years of married life.


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