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Kiss for many women is more important than sex. This conclusion was two groups of scientists, the German and Austrian: they estimate the value of a kiss for both men and women.

Moreover, it turns out, regularly kissing good for health. According to the German study, the men kiss considering mainly as a kind of habit or compulsory exercise. And women give it more importance in terms of intimacy and in some cases find it more important than sex, writes Italian La Repubblica (full text online

"Women attach great importance to kissing, while men can and do without them", - Said study author Ingelore Ebberfeld sexologist from Bremen. The study involved 514 people aged 16 to 91 years: 56% of them women and 44% of men said that kiss with pleasure. Although the specific situation intercourse differences in scores between men and women are less significant: 9.7% of women and 10.7% of men said they did not kiss during intimacy.

At the same time, the study showed that women often feel a greater intimacy in kisses than during intercourse. This aspect was confirmed in a survey among prostitutes: only a minority of them gives himself to kiss during sex for money. Common explanation - kiss for their work is considered too intimate.

Two-thirds of women, according to a German expert, convinced that the man who knows how to kiss, is a good lover. Almost half of them are ready to subscribe to the phrase: "good kiss better copulation. "In contrast, two thirds of men said they did not agree with the last statement.

Moreover, a study by the Vienna University, ended with the conclusion that regular kissing good for health and can have a therapeutic effect. Scientists have found that a long and passionate kiss, not only reduces blood pressure, but also the amount of cholesterol in the blood, thus reducing the risk of heart attack.

Besides kissing strengthen the immune system: with every kiss frees large amounts of bacteria in saliva, which is transmitted from one partner to another. These bacteria are, in turn, contribute to the production of antibodies, training the immune system.

Physical benefits Kisses is also in training, which are subject to a variety of face zone: it was shown that in the process of kissing involved 25 facial muscles, reducing which benefits not only the individual, but also throughout the body.


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