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You open a magazine - in its pages smiling beautiful elegant ladies, turn on your television - from its screens confident voices are heard held ladies, look around ... and convinced of the following ... Some women admire, others empathize, unconsciously imitating third, fourth want to be, and someone just regret and think as well that I do not-so ...

Successful women around the great variety. All of them behind a rich life experience that has accumulated over the years by trial and error, its not always the fate of sugar, and of course, their desires, ideas, goals that have some life in the embodied, and other times and remain only dreams ... All this depends not only on the nature and strength of the will of man, his dedication and perseverance, but also numerous circumstances, life principles and attitudes of good luck, fate favors, and maybe his Majesty case.

Who does not want to look young and well-groomed, dressed in expensive boutiques, chic ride a car, a vacation at the best resorts, and all at the same to be independent, successful and independent? Rich husband or lover generous here do not count. We are only talking about the heroines of our lives, who themselves knocking on closed doors, bite your elbows as in the case of failure and faced with a huge array of problems, which sometimes does not want to write in another, more successful scenario. Let us note the most frequent and important problems that arise in the life of strong and successful women ...

1. Personal life.
It would seem that what grieve beautiful, successful, self-confident young lady, which are directed towards the eyes of many men? She presented the most pleasant compliments and expensive gifts, it is admired for her care, her adored ... Sweet life - the dream of millions of the fair sex. But it is perfectly all really? If ...

A strong woman is much more difficult to find a suitable partner, because she did not want someone who will "lie on the stove," feed her "breakfast" and the years in words only promise the moon ... She is not content with small, like many others. Strong woman, on the contrary, looks decent, an equal ally, with whom he will create a harmonious tandem, will complement and inspire each other. Such common "instances" is definitely in our life there, but, unfortunately, not so much as we would like. And of those who are found not all face competition: one of the powerful need a second mother, the other - a nanny or babysitter, the third - the housekeeper, the fourth Bring something like "two in one", so that she could and wifey cook dinner and pat shirts and socks to wash and put to sleep, and friends cheer, and to the fact that she herself is sad ... That's what she is a strong woman and all will be able to, overcomes everything, with all humble. And nothing, but a strong woman a present fate is not particularly needed. It turns out, if you are lucky in life, you will be found worthy companion. If not, it will cost a strong woman without a man.

Tip: Ladies, if you are the hundredth time step on the same rake, if every unsuccessful novel lose confidence in their abilities and are ready to say goodbye to dreams of a happy family life, let go of all the negative thoughts, do some things you love, often repeat themselves, you deserve the best. And then it's the best sooner or later knocks at your heart!

2. Maternal instinct.
The main purpose of a woman - a mother. A strong woman is no exception. And even if the career is in the first place, if that is important is that it inspires, and the meaning of life is the result of many years of hard work, ever thought about the baby still in the head sweep careerists. And then born out of the problematic situation: once I do not need a husband, but I really want a child, then I myself will baby and mom and dad, I'm strong handle ....

If a strong woman agrees to have a baby, she will. It will easily cope with the process of education, give your child the best of everything, it will cherish and soul in it ... not chayat

Tip: Dear future and real moms, motherhood - it's perfect. That's just being strong women, do not forget one thing - the child is not a toy. Educate them alone, do not flirt, not sculpt his life scenario own unfulfilled dreams and desires, remember that your child has the right to their dreams, mistakes and successes. Not blame the child that you give him his best years, sacrificing everything to him in the world, etc. Be the kid not only mom and dad in one person, but most importantly - a friend, a reliable friend and dearest person who understands prompt help.

3. Work, work and work again ...
A strong woman is not afraid of work. She is ready to pull on their fragile shoulders burdens, because she needed to feed his family, to provide children's lives, develop housing and at the same time I want to look very dignified: dress up, attend at least once a month, beauty salon, gym, etc. All this requires money, because a strong woman have to work a lot. Someone working day and night, does an outstanding career, becoming a real business woman, others work less, but barely survive. Everyone - his own, but in any case, a strong woman has to perform a body of work that not only requires a maximum of personal time, but most importantly - the strength and health. Often, giving himself all the work, once the woman to relax, think about that for myself, too, need to carve out a moment to arrange a holiday body and soul ... The result - the stress and all the ensuing consequences.

Tip: Girls, girls, women, cute, strong, beautiful, respect, love, take care! Allow yourself to relax, socialize with nice people, indulge yourself welcome shopping, take care of your body, follow the figure, smile own reflection in the mirror. Believe in your strength, be able to find something around an attractive and useful and do not let countless cases turn your life into a routine!

As you can see to be a strong woman is not so easy.

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