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Did you know that, based on the fact what color you put your preference, you can judge your desires, needs, objectives in a relationship? We offer you a small test that will certainly help determine what type of men suits you best.

So, choose one of the three most color you like. Just take a look and did not hesitate long, select one.

Green - Purple - Orange

Chose? Now read the result:

If you are staying on the green ...

Green means that You have a male to a frank conversation. During the meeting, they are willing to talk about their lives, they feel comfortable and confident in your presence, they feel support from your side. The fact that you have a male half of an open discussion, and allows you initially have to determine what is necessary and important to a particular man, what his intentions are, to what relationship he seeks.

Preference green means that you are looking for stability in life and strive to find someone who would be introduced and that stability in your life, along with prosperity and ensure a well-defined future.

If you chose purple ...

Purple color means that you are attracted primarily energy men you meet. But in fact, you probably fit the man who is able to reassure you and create a comfortable environment for you.

You conquer the men surrounding your game, your energy, you simply charge the men, it seems that you make them interesting and varied life.

You are loyal in a relationship. The history of relations do you see as a serious matter. You decide to get married only after either candidate could pass the main criterion for selection, which mainly concerns the visual attractiveness of men. You agree or not, but all lovers of purple will seek to marry handsome. For this reason, we still recommend not immediately reject all those who did not pass your selection, and give men another chance to prove himself.

If you are staying on the orange ...

If you are a lover of orange, you can say about it is that you are very charismatic, amorous and attractive lady that just fascinates men. You know how to listen and talk, so you can almost always correctly perceive the situation and guess the nature of the relationship. You can drive yourself crazy view of the male half. However, despite the fact that you can cast a spell on eyes, the decision to marry you still will not accept emotionally, and good reflection.

You will intuitively look smart and steady partner, who usually marries once and for all life. You strive to build relationships with those men that you can learn something.
Because you possess a strong charisma, you can not directly from the early days of your acquaintance to show your sensitive side. All that is able to notice your young man - so is your ability to defend, respond sarcastically to questions, in other words, your "sharp tongue" will be seen in the first place. For this reason, seek not to overdo it and yet let us understand that you too can be sentimental and feminine.


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