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In real life, probably no one can say here so soon, what should be his soul mate, what qualities it should have? Yes, and the question of choosing a life partner - a difficult, many years looking for people that want to live the rest of my life, some act by trial and error and try to live your life with each new partner, believing at first that this person - what you need!

This article describes the qualities of what, according to men who should have their second halves (ie those women that they need in life):

1. It consciously or not, but it makes change for the better

In other words, in her company man wants to be just a little better, courteous, friendly, and for a woman it is not necessary to say something, to hint at something, just in her company wants to be better, kinder!

2. She loves it

Yes, sincere feelings for men are also very important, and they certainly will endeavor to find exactly the half, which would really loved them and loved not for any achievement, status, character, and for the fact that you are just a number. And the sincerity of feelings speaks behavior of the girl, is evident from the communication, even by her gait.

3. She gets along with his friends and family

It is not only able to help his mother in the kitchen preparing food, talk with his father, but still really enjoy the communication with these people. It seeks to get to know those people who are important its second half.

4. She was not in the habit of constantly for something to complain about

She does not tend to constantly complain annoying the soul mate, she knows when to discuss something, and when something hush.

5. She lets him feel like a man

In her presence, he feels like a real man, not a "henpecked", and this is reflected in everything, even in the choice of breakfast (it will not make it there, instead of a piece of pork Yogurt, muesli, cheese, if he knows that he can not stand all of this, especially in the morning), it is ready to cook something delicious, when he returned home in the company of their friends.

6. She respects his

Respect - it is very important for men. This means, above all, the ability to listen to him, even if she does not agree with what is being speech, she did not underestimate its benefits, can emphasize them and only hints at the small flaws.

7. She is beautiful

Every man his idea of ​​beauty. Many of these involve just under care for a woman, that it has a taste, the ability to present themselves. She does not have to be beautiful, but it must certainly be charming.

8. She is sexy

The second half should be no doubt at least a little, but sexy, seductive. This can manifest itself in clothing and behavior, make-up, talking.

9. She's smart

Whatever men may say, but for the most part they do not like empty glupyshek who just do what they assent, laugh for no reason, and always smile. Men need to have their significant other could always keep the conversation somewhere to argue, but to argue convincingly.


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