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Important achievement of the emancipation of women, of course, is that you can do things that previously were allowed only the most desperate men. Now the initiative dating is gradually moving towards a woman. And why not? If you want to seduce a man, passion, perseverance, why not come first? However, it should be done so subtly and unobtrusively to immediately not to frighten the object of interest. And that man think that kind, that sees a woman of easy virtue.

If you met him in the store - quietly walk up and stand side by side, looking at the supposedly counter. Then, modestly downcast eyes, get help with the purchase, arguing that this is not very understand. Of course, the subject of your discussions should be well known to your man, otherwise all the tricks just lose meaning.

At a shoe salon or store outerwear even easier. Explain that you are choosing a gift for the anniversary of your favorite daddy and can not opt ​​for something specific. You can even ask him to make a fitting, if you feel that aroused interest.

Rain with all his troubles can be very useful during dating. If your man is under an umbrella, you can, as if by accident, to run to him under an umbrella with the words: "Oh, sorry, I forgot today umbrella home, late for work, and the whole so unhappy - razneschastnaya!" Your wet look, without any doubt, rasstrogaet his heart, he may even accompany you to work, asking at the same phone. Again, the most important thing is not to beat and do not let him know that it was all planned in advance.

So, you managed to capture the attention of elected men, but that's not all. Should be able to win, to arouse interest. In such a short time of your communication with him, you just have to show the wonders of aerobatics him to leave you with a sense of regret and a desire to meet again.

Seduce men on
So you've met the man of your dreams, and the initiative did not come from him, but from you. You have a challenging task, as to cause me concern, so much so that he has not forgotten about you immediately after parting.

Difficult? Indeed, is not easy. If a man can use when meeting perseverance, we categorically contraindicated. Why? Yes, because men are like that. They are much more conservative than the wish to seem. Like to win and do not allow yourself the thought that their win.

So I hear the gnashing of medieval armor and sword strikes. Men - The Knights conquerors winners. They are accustomed to seek their own, whether it's a promotion or a woman's love. Men's nature is different from the female. That's how the world - first win, then rest on their laurels.

"Well, how do you" - you ask - "keep this here Alexander the Great?"

Someone said that the weapon of women in their weakness. Let's apply a little bit of this very weak in our campaign against the man. He wants to win - please! Turn your conversation so that he felt his power over you. You need his advice, you are good in something bad, it is exactly the book you are looking for so long. That's a reason to ask for his phone! Taking something that is not in a hurry to return, pull the time, talk to him on the theme of the book, discuss the reading. But only if it is interesting. You must be a barometer of his mood. And in any case, not be imposed!

Yes, seduce a man is an art. And they are fully or partially owned by men power. Let's learn from them. You never tried to conquer? And what did he do? Gave gifts. Aha! A man can give gifts? And why not? Only gifts should be neutral. Let's just say, you know, that he urgently needed a thing. And it is just you have, just an amazing coincidence! Of course, you are willing to borrow it for a while. You now have a good reputation, uptime, sweet girl.

But that's not all. Good and sweet like just fabulous princes. Your choice reads "Playboy" and loves Pamela Anderson. You are ready to be reincarnated as a femme fatale? So he must feel in you the most authentic female, sorry for being rude. From that men love begins. Or am I mistaken? Who at school most boys loved - honors pupil pigtailed girl or her own way in a short skirt?

Well, you're reincarnated. Painted in a radical blond color, wearing a short skirt, short, looked like this most Pamela, when she went to college. What's next? Further, in any case do not show that this transformation occurred through his fault. He should start to suspect that you have someone else for whom these changes occurred. But only suspect. Talk to him about it, tell your story that fell in love, and whom - it was not his business, let just advise you on how to proceed. See how he reacts.

Next there is no road. You did everything you could. If attempts to fall in love with were unsuccessful - throw everything possible, his heart is already taken another girl. But if after a while your favorites come and recognizes that in love with you at first sight - you honor and praise. You - a true seductress, as passed hellishly difficult path, and your happiness - your merit.


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