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Comparison of the main conditions in which children first is the assimilation of words in everyday situations led us to the conclusion that there is a typical situation, the most effective for the development of speech, when an individual adult and child interaction.

With some simple ways adult child draws attention to the subject, which shows on the subject is doing with it certain manipulations, stretches child immersed himself in the consideration of the subject, etc. In this case, the adult utters a word denoting the object, and it has repeatedly repeats the word.

Thus, the child learns the two basic elements of the problem: the object and its verbal designation in connection with each other. In addition, adult creates the practical necessity for a child to learn this relationship and learn to actualize it. To this end, an adult or a child asks to name the referenced object, or he calls it, and waits if the child will find the desired object among other groups. Successful delivery of the child's action is rewarded him the object of the game, which is sometimes included and adult. What underlies the need for solutions child communicative speech problem?
Maybe it's the need to master a subject for obtaining from him or a new experience for the active manipulation with him? Then the success of training will depend on the attractiveness of the object from its desirability for the child.

Or plays a major role in the child's need to communicate with adults, for whom the subject of manipulation are only pretexts? Then the success of training should depend on the child's relationship with those adults who teaches him to speak on the content of communication links between the partners. Based on the position, we have considered above, we chose the second alternative and suggested that the assimilation of children passive voice and utterance of the first active words crucially depends on communication between adult and child.


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