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Psyche and soma words translated into Russian Greek soul and body. As long as man lives, they are connected as one thread. If you have a healthy body, and spirit will certainly be healthy. Same thing in reverse, if the soul is not okay, then it immediately affect and body condition. These are the somatic (body disease) diseases caused by various psychogenic factors (disease of the soul), called "psychosomatic disorders. "

In principle, everything that touches the soul and body of a living person, and there are psychosomatic. But almost to disorders of the body belong to the disease, which is not possible to find out any physical or organic causes. And if it is known, then it would be wise to eliminate, before we delve into the psychological causes of a particular disease.

How does it look?
Psychosomatic disorders are often mistaken for hypocrisy, but it is fundamentally wrong. In this case, the sick person is experiencing are real signs of the disease, which is confirmed by objective data. The doctor examines the patient, listens to his complaints, which have been confirmed by various analyzes, but any organic changes in the diseased organism is not noticed, or they are so small that they should not give a similar picture.

How does this happen?
Until the 18th century, cruel bad luck, death of a loved one, or deep disappointment (psychological factors), doctors considered reason enough to cause illness of the body. But in the late 19th century, doctors came to the conclusion (as a result of research in microscopy) that all diseases are caused by the organic nature and physical lesions, a variety of microbes or viruses. But in the early 21 th century, it became known that organic disease may well have a psychological origin. But the vast number of people, even knowing it, practically very vague idea of ​​what all this is happening.

Most likely, anyone notice that any violent emotion always acts on the state of the body: you're scared - your heart is compressed and very strong beats, you're happy - your lips stretched into a smile involuntarily, you are sad -, immediately felt heaviness in the chest. However, it also happens that people like myself prohibits experience some. For example, there has been some misfortune, and he squeezes his teeth, and smiling as if nothing had happened. But only externally.

Unfortunately, the sadness that seemed to be banned, remained. Emotion is sandwiched within. Psychotherapists this phenomenon called solid block. Muscle man in this place constantly experiencing cramps, circulation is impaired, and over time it can grow even in the infarct. Therefore it is good or bad, probably clear to all.

What to do?
If you have passed a medical examination, but the cause of your disease is not found, it is necessary to turn to a therapist, especially if you had a strong emotional impact. If you feel psychologically normal, then it is necessary to consult about your physical condition. Specialist help you figure out whether or not your psychology does not really affect your physical condition, or is it that happens unconsciously, but you do not feel it.

Well, if the therapist will tell you that everything is in order. But if it turns out that there are problems, you will be able to choose between seeking treatment for the body only, or also, in addition, also think about the soul. So you consciously eliminate the psychological discomfort.


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