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When people do not follow the basic rules of social behavior, other people think about them, that they have power. These are the conclusions of Dutch scientists, whose research is published in the current issue of the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

Behavior of people in positions of authority, often changing: they are less smiling, interrupt others, and speak in a louder voice. In addition, these people are less follow the rules of behavior in society, and the surrounding people find this behavior evidence that influential person in front of them, even if it is not.

The study was conducted several experiments. So, people are invited to read about the visitor office who took someone else's cup of coffee without the permission or the accountant, violated accounting rules. It turned out that violators of conduct being seen by others as more influential people compared with people who, in particular, do not take coffee without permission or do not violate accounting rules.

Rudeness makes people see ignorance availability of power. So, people who watched the video showing a person put in a cafe feet up on another chair, shakes off the cigarette ash on the ground and in the writ tone ordering food, mostly perceive this man as endowed power, decision-making powers. According to others, this person is able to make people listen to what he says. About polite visitor cafe experiment participants made no such opinion.

In another experiment, participants interacted with the followers of the rules and their offenders. First were polite and act according to social norms of behavior, while the offenders to start late for an appointment, and when they came, - threw the briefcase on a chair and sat down, with his feet on the table. After interacting with people, study participants indicated that they had more power and more likely to get others to do what they want.

Violators of the rules are perceived as people who are able to act as they please - the researchers wrote. - Did power does corrupt, but if roughly and insolently behaved ordinary person, often by external signs people may think that he really influential people. Be careful - probably before you just snapper or professor cabbage.


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