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Signs of alcoholism in the first stage of the disease:

- Is presented a strong and persistent desire for alcohol
- Loss of control over the amount of drinking alcohol
- Increase the amount of alcohol consumed portability
- Pochtepenny transition from episodic to a systematic drunkenness.
- Poyavlyayutsya vegetative-vascular dystonia, sleep disorders, loss of appetite.
- Deformation starts to occur personality snizhaetsya interest in other areas of life and hobbies besides alcohol.
- During the first stage of development, from one year to 10.8 years.

Signs of alcoholism in the second stage of the disease:

- The craving for alcohol is enhanced to become invincible.
- Pojavljaetsja alcohol withdrawal syndrome hangover)
- Set the maximum tolerance to alcohol (0.5 liters to 1.5 liters of vodka).
- Deformation of the person becomes more visible: there is instability, anxiety, irritability, rapid depletion of the body from stress, changing motives and desires, porazhaetsya volitional, in periods of sobriety patient hard to concentrate
- Emotions become nenustoychivymi surface, can be seen in a patient general moral coarsening, patients stanovjatsja very excitable, often aggressive.
- The sphere of vital interests and aspirations more narrowed, deteriorating memory.
- Occasional patient poyavlyayutsya mental disorders such as delirium, hallucinosis or paranoid. These mental disorders often occur after long-term alcohol abuse in the period of abstinence from alcohol.

Signs of alcoholism on the third stage of the disease:
- Weighting occurs withdrawal syndrome.
- Having psychosis and seizures
- Perenosimot alcohol falls
- The majority of patients present binges and regular drinking, patients tend to drink daily and continuously.
- Hangover occurs even after taking small doses of alcohol
- Further deteriorating memory and greatly reduced intelligence
- Degradation of personality disappears interest in everything except alcohol, there apathy, lethargy communicate.

Signs of alcoholism in men

The main symptom of alcoholism in men is the appearance of a very strong and persistent desire to consume alcohol. When this is presented to alcohol addiction and dependence on him nepreodalimaya. Primary symptom of alcohol craving in the early development of alcoholism is presented usually in situations that habitually associated with drinking.

On the primary attraction to alcohol in men say the following features: a revival of a facial expression at the thought of drinking, mood disorder, "nervousness", or in a bad mood, autonomic reflex poriznaki that poyavlyayutsya often before meals (salivation, swallowing, "sucking" in the stomach, right up to the emergence of feelings of alcohol in the mouth). When this man's thoughts are concentrated on alcohol they gladly remember treat after taking alcohol, plan and anticipate new booze.

Also highlighted are the following symptoms and signs of alcoholism in men:

- Strong demand, the need to drink.
- No vomiting to receive a large dose of alcohol
- The loss of a sense of proportion drunk
- The loss of control over the use of alcohol, that is the beginning, the end and the amount of alcohol taken
- Total or partial loss of memory about events during intoxication
- The appearance of hangover, and its disappearance after receiving a new dose of alcohol
- Binge drinking
- Increase tolerance of alcohol, amount of alcohol consumed.
- Reducing the amount of any other interests besides alcohol and booze
- Increase the amount of time required for, the use of alcohol and recovery from its effects.

Signs of alcoholism in women

A woman who regularly vypiaet often looks older than her years, she is presented swelling of the face, bags under the eyes, the voice thickens and becomes sharp woman longer look after themselves, no longer care for themselves and become untidy. Poyavlyayutsya first alcoholic personality changes: a woman starts to become a lie often insincere, selfish, begins to behave rudely, become very irritable and aggressive. Drinking woman begins to ignore their family responsibilities, it is dissolved in the sexual sphere. Sometimes, on the contrary, if a woman feels guilty for being drunk, it becomes obsessively caring for their loved ones, fussy.

One of the characteristics of alcoholism in women yavlyaetsya big psychological background than men. Usually women with alcohol dependence appears motivated psychological difficulties and problems, loneliness, death of her husband, family disintegration, loss of relatives, children. Especially prone to stress housewives who sacrifice their work and career for the sake of family and hearth. Children grow leave home, husband spends time on the days work, periodically changes his wife. In such a situation will inevitably emerge feeling of bitter disappointment, resentment, abandonment, of loneliness, of uselessness, and as a consequence are building a fertile ground for the development of alcoholism.

Alcohol dependence in women appears faster than men. Signs of alcoholism in women usually less pronounced and therefore ostayutsya long time unnoticed because as condemnation and censure by society women drinkers, they try to hide their addiction to psirtonomu so often drunk alone or in a society such as friends-alcoholics. Often critical attitude toward his condition is absent. Family and friends are paying attention to the problem and go to the doctor only to severe stages of alcoholism when pristutstvuyut binges or daily character drunkenness and formed a strong hangover.

Often solitary drinking, which is not yet a tragedy for the family; intoxication, which is not asocial character (fights, scandals), a secondary role in the family as a security material - all this leads to the fact that close is not as significant as when drinking men, seeking help for women suffering from alcoholism respective doctors.


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