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"Psychology - an expression of words what they can not express"

John Galsworthy

Psychology - area of ​​scientific knowledge, exploring the features and patterns of occurrence, formation, development and changes of mental processes, mental states and mental characteristics of man.

Project «PsyMethods» designed for people interested in psychological problems , well as professional psychologists as practitioners and engaged in research work . The project was called "Directory psychologist: frequently asked questions".

The task of the project is the development of such a system, which provides for: 

  • quality and completeness of the information provided;
  • modular and interdisciplinary nature of presenting information, including philosophical, sociological, pedagogical, linguistic and other aspects of the presentation of psychological problems;
  • provide expert advice to the users on psychology;
  • possibility of wide professional communication users;
  • possibility of rapid communication of students with a scientific consultant.


Addiction and codependency

Despite the fact that these two words, there is one and the same root meaning is not quite the same, although similar. The fact that codependency is a kind of mirror image...

Fear of people

A condition where a person is afraid of communicating with people is called social phobia. But to be more precise, it's not so much fear of people, as a feeling of uncertainty in different situations ...

Symptomatic psychoses

Symptomatic psychoses - psychotic states arising in some somatic diseases. This group of diseases includes infectious and non-communicable diseases ...


May seem a bit odd that people with bulimia, not overweight. This is explained by the fact that for typical patients are prone to constant overeating peculiar ...
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